Lorrita’s Love Bants: Why Women Stay With Men Who Beat Them

First of all, I would to say that any man that dares to touch a woman is simply an ‘insecure coward’.

It takes a real man to handle whatever a woman throws at them. Having said that, no matter how I try to wrap my head around it, I just can’t figure out why some women whom unfortunately end up with the wife and girlfriends beaters still insists on staying with such people.

I stumbled on a conversation recently and an older woman with three kids for her spouse was crying bitterly while narrating her story on how her spouse often lays his had on her. My first thought was, “so why are you still in the marriage?” It wasn’t my place to give my opinion so I kept quiet and decided I was going to air my opinion here. So, why exactly do women still stay with men that beat them?

Personally, I think that the tendency to end up with a violent man should have been noticed while dating the man. Though it is very likely that you taught it was a one time mistake that you probably provoked. So, blinded my your feelings for him, you forgave him and went ahead with the relationship only to find out that he continued his domestic violence after marriage. The truth is, any man that dares lay his hands on you once, will continue to do so, it will just take a longer time before the beast in him manifest. Please ladies, lets not be deceived by our feelings and stay clear of men with such tendencies.

Women in such situations tend to make excuses for the man’s behaviour such as; oh he just lost his job and he is upset; oh he is drunk and he really didn’t mean to; he really wasn’t like this when i met him i believe it’s the devil’s work i know he will change. Sweetheart, you really need to wake up and read the handwriting on the wall. No matter what life throws at the man doesn’t give him the right to put out his frustration on you.

Some women are worried about the security of the kids they already had with the man. The first problem with this is that you shouldn’t have allowed yourself to be totally dependent on the man in the first place. If you had something doing, no matter how little you earn you will feel confident enough to take care of your kids on your own.

Some are worried about what ‘people’ will say if they eventually leave their marriage. I just wonder if they actually prefer going to the hospital every single week to treat one injury or the other. How long will you keep caring about the shame and embarrassment, is it until these same ‘people ‘ you care about so much come to pick up your corpse?

There are a lot of women going through these situations, please let’s speak up and fight to get back our life. There isn’t any man strong enough to break a woman, so let’s wake our inner strength and fight back for ourselves, children, parents and everyone who still wants us around for a long time. It’s time to wake up!

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  1. What about women that are never satisfy, provoking and insultive. Are u 1 of them ?.some time some womens are oposite .u should know that as well.

  2. What about women that are never satisfy, provoking and insultive. Are u 1 of them ?.some time some womens are oposite .u should know that as well.

  3. Your Comment Your discussion is lopesided. I had expected dat u exray d pros nd cons associsted wit beating. Frankly speaking any man dat beat is wife has lost d affection but why do men over react? simple cause of the stinks dat comes out of d woman mouth some are unbearable. However men should learn not to be bull. Experinece show dat women find it difficult to abandone d guy dat give dem satisfaction………

  4. Hi msx thanks for your comments. In regards to that i would like to say that i don’t dispute that a woman’s mouth can be filled with trash whenever she decides to let it open. But don’t you agree that it’s better to just walk away than laying your hands on her? And as for her not been satisfied, i think this should have been noted while dating her and if you could live with it then, why is it a problem now.

  5. Hello Daniel, your opinion has been noted. You are right about the fact that some women find it had to leave a man that satisfy them, but how long do you think she should bear the violence just because of satisfaction? The truth i that there are other opportunity out there that will give her satisfaction that doesn’t include violence.

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