Olajumoke Orisaguna Features In A Valentine’s Day Postcard Shoot By April by Kunbi

Olajumoke Orisaguna, has become a sensation all over the world and to launch that, she partook in a photoshoot with style directions by Nigerian female apparel brand, April by Kunbi.

The shoot which will be featured on CNN is her first paying modeling Job for the brand run by Olakunbi Oyelese.

Frank Ugah was the director of Photography while Christine Signatures was in charge of the 27-year-old’s makeup.

See pictures from the shoot below.





Explaining the idea behind the shoot, Olakunbi said, “It’s no news that @Olajumoke__o’s story literally broke the internet last week, and we were reminded about how amazing God’s grace is and that he’s still in the business of turning lives around and blessing us.. I’d wanted to do a Christmas postcard but my schedule last quarter of 2015 was beyond hectic (Not complaining o! Lol). So I decided to do a Val postcard instead…Not a lookbook/collection as a lot of blogs have reported. I mentioned in my post last week that I’ll definitely be booking her and I don’t regret it one bit! It was a pleasure working with her and seeing her transform, taking instructions, moving like she’s been doing it all her life….She’s a natural. Jumoke’s story has forced me to look closer at my surroundings. There’s absolutely no doubt she is blessed but there are a lot of Olajumokes around us…Hardworking and just want to feed and help their families. You might not be able to get that pepper seller a modeling contract, but the next time she says the price for her pepper is ₦100, please don’t price it to ₦30. I’ve been guilty of this, trust me. To think that someone around me works/walks in the sun all day and her profit at the end of the day is at most ₦500. I’m happy to have offered Jumoke her first paying modeling job. May it be the beginning of an amazing career for her. She might not be a runway model but she’s perfect for print and editorial! May God help us all to make someone’s life easier, someone’s load a lot easier to carry.”

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  1. Please continue with your good work and help her to succeed and prosper she is beautiful. Please keep scouting they are others like in that great country of ours working for pennies everyday, am a guy and I cannot not stop crying now look what you guys have done and I though I was a hard man. Glad am alone, just can’t stop crying.

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