With This Ring: Wedding Bouquet Ideas

by Ada Ebunam

Hullo Ladies,

Enjoy below the bouquet ideas I’ve picked out for both natural and artificial blooms.

















Different Flowers can Symbolise Various Emotions

During the Victorian era, the meanings attributed to different blooms were used as ultra-romantic metaphors in love poems, letters, artworks and handicrafts. If you want to bring a little floral symbolism into your wedding day, check out this guide to the meaning of many popular flowers… and a few you’d best avoid!

The Safer Options :

  • Calla Lilly – Secret meaning is “magnificent beauty”.
  • Carnation – Pink represents boldness, red symbolises love, and white indicates talent. Beware: some colours have negative meanings.
  • Chrysanthemum – Wealthy, abundance,  truth.
  • Daffodil – Regard.
  • Daisy – share your feelings.
  • Delphinium – swiftness and lightness.
  • Freesia – Innocence.
  • Gardenia – Purity, Joy.
  • Hydrangea – Understanding.
  • Iris – A message of faith, wisdom.
  • Lilac – Love’s first emotions.
  • Lily – Majesty, truth , honour.
  • Lily-the-valley – True Happiness.
  • Magnolia – Love of nature.
  • Orchid – Love, beauty.
  • Peony – Bashfulness, the spirit of ambition and determination.
  • Rose – Love, Joy and beauty.
  • Stephanotis- Long-term marital happiness.
  • Stock -Lasting beauty.
  • Sunflower – Short-stemmed sunflowers mean adoration; long- stemmed mean haughtiness.
  • Sweetpea – pleasure.
  • Tulip – Love and passion.


Beware  of These Blooms!

While many of you will happily flaunt superstition to have your favourite big day bloom, there are some flowers that are said to have rather negative meanings. If you love a partial flower and don’t believe in superstition or bad luck, then I say go for it! Still the following are said to have negative meanings and implications.

  • Christmas rose- Scandal.
  • Fig – Idleness.
  • Larkspur – Infidelity.
  • Marigold – grief.
  • Red carnation – poverty.
  • Red pepper – consolation.
  • Rhododendron – danger.
  • Striped carnation – refusal.
  • White Poppy – Sleep.
  • Yellow Carnation – disdain.
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum – slighted love. • Yellow Lily – falsehood.
  • Yellow rose- jealousy.

So in other words, yellow id colour one to beware of by the looks of it.


Everything beautiful.

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